• Programme : Reconstruction of the Marne departmental archives annexe
  • Location : Reims, 51.
  • 129, avenue de l'Yser.
  • Calendar : Competition won : 2008 / Completed : 2014.
  • Client : Conseil Général de la Marne.
  • Architecture team : Hamonic + Masson : architecte mandataire. Chef de projet : Marie-Agnès de Bailliencourt).
  • BET TCE : SIBAT (+ économist).
  • Photographer : Sergio Grazia.
  • Cost : 6,6 M€ HT.
  • Surface : 5 300 m2.

The Marne Departmental Archives annexe, Reims

This building barely emerges from a small hillock, like a bronze plate that has landed precariously. This helps it take advantage of a gently sloping site without spoiling it or overloading it. It is a line seen from the back of the stage. The visitors will have to take a path that gradually merges into the access ramp. The foyer is an interlude between the opening and the courtyard garden. From the entrance you can see the building’s practical layout through the transparent wall of the patio. The principle of the disappearing building is continued in the building’s metal frame. Random perforations give it an embossed, volcanic look that is further emphasised by the bronze colour.