• Programme : Construction of 83 apartments
  • Location : Lot Avenue 2, Quartier de l'Arsenal, Dijon, 21.
  • Calendar : Under construction.
  • Client : Dijon Habitat.
  • Architecture team : Hamonic + Masson & Associés. Project manager: Anne-Claire de Liocourt..
  • BET TCE : Scoping.
  • environemental : EODD.
  • Inspection body : Alpes-Controle
    Urban planner : L’AUC
    Images : Hamonic+Masson & Associés

  • Surface : 5334 m2.

Éco-Quartier de l’Arsenal, Dijon

The project’s design demonstrates a willingness to engage in a dialogue with its surrounding environment, and introduces a new way of communal living by offering maximal exterior private and collective space.

The ground floor’s transparency creates a link between the Avenue Jean Jaurès and the eco-district that develops towards the east. This creates views in several directions, all the way through to the communal courtyard that opens on to the future community building, which will be constructed at the same level as the “halle de l’Etarmat.”

The detail on the volume’s tiers creates a varied silhouette and also multiplies the different possible uses of the rooftop space.

A large shared terrace on the fourth floor provides residents with an outside, collective space, while the building’s tiers create large private balconies for all the apartments.