• Programme : 50 meters: 120 apartments + retail
  • Location : ZAC Chandon-République, Genevilliers, 92.
  • Calendar : Completed in 2020..
  • Client : NEXITY.
  • Architecture team : Hamonic+Masson & Associés. Chef de projet: Victoria Sosolic..
  • Photographer : Takuji Shimmura.
  • Environmental: H&E profile A
    Images: LUXIGON/Hamonic+Masson & Associés

  • Cost : NC.
  • Surface : 8 000 m², 7 750 m² housing + 250 m² retail.

Villanova Icône, ZAC Chandon-République, Genevilliers

Conscious of the importance of this eco-district, our response takes into account the unique specificities of this lot. A true example of architectural and ecological quality, this specific zone will allow for the articulation between the different surrounding urban fabrics: the ‘Agnettes’ sector, the Chandon-République eco-district and the ‘Calmette’ sector. This is a pivotal position, at the intersection of the town’s different construction periods.

The building’s volume works alongside the differing scales, creating a sculpted fan effect. The implementation of intermediate floors allows a sequence to emerge within the building’s volume. The retail units, porches and hallways embellish the ground floor, creating a pedestrian level volume. Transparency, depth, various perspectives and porosity enrich the town by offering a dynamism and liveliness around the perimeter of the project, and the landscaped garden at the heart of the block merges and blends with the local surrounding park.

Located in a strategic area, this project is an urban signal that structures the new neighbourhood.