• Programme : Congress center + cinema + housing + student housing + hotel + offices & co-working + crèche + digital school + urban agriculture + landscape
  • Location : Villiers-sur-Marne, site Marne Europe, 94.
  • Calendar : "Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris" international competition, 2017.
  • Client:
    Town: Villiers-sur-Marne
    Developer: EPAMARNE
    Urban planner: Atelier Ruelle
    Project team
    Developer: Kaufman&Broad + ADIM
    Investor : MK2 + La Française + Héraclès Investissement
    Design and conception:
    Lead coordinating architect: Hamonic+Masson & Associés.
    Architectes + landscape design : Aires Mateus, AAVP architecture, Atelier VERA & Associés Architectes, Marc Barani architectes, BASE (landscape design)
    City Linked (project management assistance), INGEROP (MEP engineering), Veolia Innove (energy services), Techniwood, Arbonis (wood construction), Efficacity (energy), 1024 architecture (light design), Biodiversita (biodiversity advice), Franck Boutté Consultants (environmental engineer)
    Sous les Fraises (urban agriculture), Be Park (parking), Chronos (urban studies), Clem’ (electric mobility), Embix (smart grid), Green On (bike mobility), La Belle Friche (prefiguration), Mon P’ti Voisinage (sharing platform), Park’n’Plug (electric mobility), Veolia (industrial and urban services), Luxigon (renders + film)

  • Cost : NC.
  • Surface : Built programme of 150 000m2 .
  • Team : Yves Micault

Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris / PANORA’MARNE

PANORA’MARNE : From the Place du Cinéma to the Palais des Possibles

“PANORA’MARNE” is an urban and human adventure where the world of cinema, fiction and dreams will engender a ludic universe, surrounded by sport and culture and leading to a metropolitan scale congress centre, a place adaptable for all possibilities.

“PANORA’MARNE” is an active topography.

“PANORA’MARNE” is a symbol of the ambition and competition that animates metropolises on an international level.

“PANORA’MARNE” is to use innovation as a conception tool, allowing unknown places and territories to be revealed. Innovation in the urban environment is a means of discovering new ways of living in the public space. Here innovation is a tool dedicated to a place’s attractiveness.

“PANORA’MARNE” is research into new programmatic, technical and spatial solutions, which give the project the strength to become the much needed signal for the east side of the metropolis.

“PANORA’MARNE” is the question of public space and its prolongation into the heart of the programme, becoming an element that will spread different practices and create a strong link between the shared space of the street and the rest of the project.

“PANORA’MARNE” is a living organism that produces a local link whilst simultaneously opening onto a large metropolitan territory. Transparency, depth, rich and diverse perspectives, this “pedestrian world” enriches the town by offering a dynamic and lively atmosphere around the project’s entire perimeter.

“PANORA’MARNE” is public space with emerging towers and new generation public facilities where adventure creates the city.

“PANORA’MARNE” is a project where each level is exceptional.

“PANORA’MARNE” is a willingness to create a dialogue with the surrounding space in order to initiate a new way of living together, based on the generosity of exterior, private and collective space. Architecture and public space is constituted through the process of accumulation and superposing different levels.

“PANORA’MARNE” is a confluence project that does not provoke difference, but rather reinvents through dialogue and reconnection.

“PANORA’MARNE” is a project that shines day and night consequently giving new life to the metropolis and becoming a new, lively and dynamic landmark.

“PANORA’MARNE” is a ground-breaking project, which is a true symbol of the 21st century city.

“PANORA’MARNE” is to “have your head in the stars”, to feel privileged through the view, the light and the sun. The different levels accentuate its brilliance as well as its close link to the surrounding territory.

“PANORA’MARNE” is luxury in the city. It allows residents to have their own exterior space and home anchored into the ground.

“PANORA’MARNE” is a panoramic view over a huge territory.

“PANORA’MARNE” is a new skyline that plays with the idea of movement, background and multiplicity. The result is a new cinematographic neighbourhood.

“PANORA’MARNE” is an observatory with a pedagogical virtue. Living here allows an understanding of the city that surrounds us.