• Programme : 16 floors: 150 apartments, kindergarten, multi-purpose space, co-working + parking
  • Location : Site Maison des Sports, Saint-Nazaire, 44.
  • Calendar : Competition winners: 2019 / Building permit phase.
  • Client : Les Nouveaux Constructeurs.
  • Architecture team : Architect: Hamonic+Masson & Associés.
  • environemental : TERAO.
  • Landscape architect: Paula
    Images : YAM Studio

  • Cost : NA .
  • Surface : 12 000m2.
  • Team : Yves Micault
    Ghiles Belkessam
    Camille Bobenrieth

Site Maison des Sports, Saint-Nazaire

At the opening of the Plaine des sports, the Maison des Sports is the perfect site for an ambitious and iconic project. Linking the built city and its sport facilities, the project is located in a heterogeneous context where surrounding urban forms juxtapose each other, and where empty spaces call out for housing projects. The park, stadiums and green walkway are all elements of the landscape that lead to the project. They are also sequences which fabricate a new landmark in a transforming city. The regeneration of the seafront, the national theatre and the Docks are numerous points of interest that the project echoes.

The project is linked to the sports ground and the park that leads to the nearby estuary, and acts as an important articulation in the landscape. The building’s curves sensually link the existing volumes to the first signs of the new green passageway. This exchange will engender an innovative project.