• Programme : Station service
  • Location : Lyon Confluence, 69.
  • Calendar : Phase APS.
  • Client : EG Groupe.
  • Architecture team : Architecte mandataire : Hamonic + Masson & Associés.
  • BET structure : Masse
    BET fluides, thermique : Berga
    Paysagiste : Marco Rossi

  • Surface : 580 m².
  • Team : Arnaud Grenié
    François Proust

Station BP Lyon Confluence

What role and identity for this service station in the neighborhood?
«Station X» is the link between the different dimensions of the district, the link with the Musée des Confluences, the motorway infrastructure and the Park, between the mineral and the vegetal.

Through its refined architecture, which reflects the idea of ​​lightness, «Station X» will be an accompaniment of public space and the landscape. All in transparency and reflections, the fine horizontal lines that make up the structure reinforce the idea of ​​a raised, levitating landscape. A conflict-free dialogue that takes place with the various elements that make up the site.
Fluidity, simplicity and refinement are the key words of this poetic project.

“Station X” will be an iconic project for a sublimated public place.
A poetic object, it lights up according to the hours and the seasons to become an event in its own right in the life of the neighborhood.