• Programme : Construction of 156 private and social housing
  • Location : Vanves, 92.
  • angle des rues Diderot et Aristide Briand.
  • Calendar : Compeition 2013..
  • Client : Sefri Cime.
  • Architecture team : Hamonic + Masson : architecte mandataire (Gaëlle Hamonic, Jean-Christophe Masson, Marie-Agnès de Bailliencourt) .
  • environemental : Franck Boutté Consultants.
  • Surface : 10 097 m² SDP.


This project is a prospective approach to housing based on a current, contemporary vision of the town, where diversity, complexity, rhythms and activity are necessary for the construction of a lively and qualitative environment.

We imagined a constellation of articulated buildings, opening a dialogue with the surroundings, based on the vast private and collective exterior space.