• Programme : Construction of 155 apartments + retail
  • Location : Lyon, ZAC Villeurbanne la Soie - Ilot C, 69.
  • ZAC Villeurbanne la Soie - Ilot C, Lyon.
  • Calendar : Competition : 2015.
  • Client : COGEDIM Grand Lyon.
  • Architecture team : Hamonic+Masson & Associés (lead architect) y.architectes (associated architect).
  • Cost : 12,5 M€ HT.
  • Surface : 8 751 m2.

ZAC Villeurbanne la Soie - Ilot C

Height is often associated with modernity, with the aesthetics of contemporary architecture.

Today, height must be approached as a planning tool: it can create density in some places to reserve the choice not to do so in others.
We are proposing a project that clearly fits into a forward-looking approach to city housing.
The height will allow us to engage in a new relationship between housing and its relationship to the exterior.
The high-rise building allows you to be in the city, yet be out of the way and see the space.
The advantages of living there are that you don’t have any neighbors, you live in the sky without curtains on the windows. The panoramic view allows you to see the horizon line, the course of the sun, the seasons ...

Living in height gives the feeling of being privileged. For the view, the light, the sun ...
Some say they have "their heads in the stars". But for this to be satisfactory, we need friendliness, efficient elevators and buildings well integrated into their neighborhood.

Many people aspire to live in individual housing, of the suburban type. There are many reasons for this desire: to have lunch outside, to have a direct relationship with nature. All these qualities must be integrated into the scale of apartments in an apartment building.

This project affirms the desire to engage in a dialogue with its surrounding space in order to initiate a new way of living together, based essentially on the generosity of private and collective outdoor spaces. It is through a game of accumulation, of superimposition of floors that the architecture of buildings and public space will be formed. The balconies game accentuates its influence with the environment near and far. Luxury in the city is having your own outdoor space, a symbol of the ground, of the house, of anchoring to terrestrial soil. We have introduced a gradation in the way of living in height, the first levels offer different outdoor spaces, the introduction of a planted container integrated into the guardrail allows a different appropriation of the terraces. The higher one rises, beyond all vis-à-vis, the more the terrace is directed towards the outside, the floor becomes an extension of the ground without visual obstacle with the sky, the winter gardens protect from the winds and inclement weather.
The shops and the various access points located throughout the ground floor support the "volume of

A place of transparency, depth, rich and diverse perspectives, this "pedestrian volume" enriches the city by offering a dynamic and lively character throughout the perimeter of our project.

A prospective project
We offer a simple, chiseled writing that fits into a contemporary register.
Our building conveys the image of great sobriety through its character and its clothing. Wrapped in a subtle coat of light hue, the facades allow light to be captured. They respond to the surrounding buildings with an ever-changing game of reflections, lights, colors, thanks to its clothing.

A high landscape
We offer a “landscaped” building: an inhabited “biotope”. This project affirms the will to engage
a dialogue with its surrounding space in order to initiate a new way of living
together, based on the generosity of private and collective outdoor spaces.

The work on the skyline makes it possible to introduce variations in the silhouette that stands out against the sky, but also to multiply different appropriations of the roofs. It thus makes it possible to offer a vision of varied scales to the surrounding inhabitants, and diversified places for the users of the building. The project thus plays on the idea of ​​movement, background and multiplicity. The building shines day and night, offering the city a new place, a new dynamic landmark.