• Programme : Construction of 130 apartments + retail + crèche with wooden structure
  • Location : ZAC Coteaux Beauclair, Rosny-sous-Bois, 93.
  • Calendar : Building permit.
  • Client : VINCI Immobilier.
  • Architecture team : Architect : Hamonic+Masson & Associés.
  • Structural engineer : C&E Ingénierie
    Wood engineer : Athlance
    Mechanical and plumbing engineer : PRELEM
    Environmental engineer : EODD
    Images : YAM Studio

  • Surface : 7 900 m2 of housing, 605 m2 crèche + 400 m2 retail.
  • Distinction : H&E profil A / «gestion de l’énergie» : très performant, BBC effinergie+, RT 2012 -20%.

ZAC Coteaux Beauclair, Rosny-sous-Bois

Our project plays with the site’s topography. The sequence of different access points and the entrance halls are pedestrian volume. The building is slightly set back from the road, and a landscaped approach is present from the public arena of the street.

The building’s different volume heights introduces a diversity of scales and puts the core of the building in perspective while allowing maximum penetration of sunlight.

The ground floor as a prolongation of public space

Different sequences develop around the building:
- A retail space on the rue de Lisbonne
- Access to appartements via dual aspect, transparent porches and halls, allowing visibility of the landscaped core of the building
- An easy access crèche, sheltered from the traffic of the road
- Bike racks located next to the entrance halls and reserved areas underground, with a separate entrance from the car entrance ramp.
- Car access and facilitated delivery access

This is above all a housing programme.
This rigorous simplicity is presented in a coherent and intelligent system, right down to the details.