• Programme : 156 student apartments + 1 T3 + a shared dining hall
  • Location : Boulogne-Billancourt, ZAC Seguin, 92.
  • ZAC Seguin, Lot A4 Est, Macro lot A4.
  • Calendar : Completed in 2015.
  • Client : Nexity.
  • Architecture team : Hamonic + Masson : architecte mandataire. Chef de projet : César Silva..
  • BET TCE : Arétec.
  • Architect coordinator of Macro-Lot: Locianima
    Graphics : IDA+

  • Cost : 4,5 M € HT.
  • Surface : 3 200 m² SHON.
  • Team : Cesar Silva Urdaneta

Golden Cube, Boulogne-Billancourt

The guiding principles of these student halls of residence were standardisation, self-regulation and a maximisation of internal space. This project, with its 156 rooms in an 8-storey building taking up almost the entire plot, is no exception to this rule. There is nonetheless a secret garden, as the project coordinators, Loci Anima, were keen to reintroduce some biodiversity onto the island. Every flat has an outdoor area. A 1.5-metre recess allowed us to include loggias along almost the entire façade. The building’s outline is blurred by the use of filters, water effects and openings in the perforated sheets of steel. It is also dotted with birdhouses. The occupants cannot interfere with them and they require no maintenance.